Airport Transfers - Geneva

General Terms and Conditions

All Transfers are booked on a private basis.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all flight details and arrival/departure times given are correct. Airport Transfers - Geneva accepts no responsibility for incorrect information given that results in a flight being missed or the driver failing to be at the airport to pick up the client(s).

Confirmation of the flight details, arrival/collection times given are detailed on the final e-mail confirming the booking. If the client changes the details at a later stage it may invalidate the transfer booking and in this case no refund will be offered.

Please ensure that you issue us with the correct and full destination or pick-up address with your booking. However just in case of any difficulty's please ensure you are carrying location and contact details for your chalet, apartment or hotel.

Your driver will be waiting in the arrivals area on the Swiss side of the Geneva airport, holding a sign with your name or your party leaders name on it.

If your flight is delayed please call French mobile number +33 610 63 45 58 or the office +33 450 54 59 63 and give the new times if available. We do monitor all incoming flight details on the Geneva Airport website and will know if your flight is late, and we will try and meet all delayed flights. However, flights that are delayed for more than one hour may have the transfer referred to a different pick-up driver resulting in collection delays.

Transport operations, by their nature, are subject to numerous external and unpredictable factors that can affect services, namely weather and traffic delays. Hence we may ask that your resort collection time be brought forward during high season holiday periods.

It is important that you carry our contact details with you when travelling and inform us of any delays, changes to travel arrangements or any other issues. We would like to have your mobile number so that we can contact you should it be necessary.

All special baggage requirements must be indicated at the time of booking. Our vehicles have ample size for most types of ski and holiday baggage. If you arrive with more special equipment than specified at the time of booking confirmation the driver may refuse to carry these non specified items.

Payment is required for the transfer at the time of booking and can be made by Visa or MasterCard. A deposit/part payment can be made for advanced bookings, however full payment is required before transfer. A receipt detailing the booking will be issued via e-mail.

Please note that card payments will be taken from the 'Alpine Flying Centre' our parent company.

Ideally Visa or MasterCard payments are made over the telephone eliminating the risk of Credit Card fraud when made via e-mail.

All payments are non-refundable except in circumstances where Airport Transfers - Geneva due to causes beyond its control, cancels, or agrees to cancel the booking with the client.

The customer is strongly recommended to have holiday insurance. In the case of transfer delays occur – causing missed flights and other such costly events – Airport Transfers - Geneva will not be held liable for the cost of any of this. Airport Transfers - Geneva will, however provide documentation to the customer that can be used as proof to their insurance provider in order to recoup any money lost.

Office: +33450545963
Mobile: +33 610634558